TRAVEL: Copenhagen '16



I'm sorry for the lack of posting. It's been a busy two weeks. Besides work being really busy I've been to Copenhagen for a few days too. I've noticed that Copenhagen is getting more popular as a traveldestination as we speak, which I totally understand. Here's more about our trip!

We stayed at the Wake Up Hotel in the middle of the centrum. It's a basic 2 star hotel but has everything you need, you can rent bicyles and more important: it really is in the middle of the centrum. Everything is closeby, even the airport is only 15 minutes traveling by public transport.

By the way, when I say 'we' I mean my mom and me. We've been to Copenhagen for three full days. We arrived at Copenhagen around 08:30 and flew back to Belgium on saturday around 21:30. We flew with Ryanair and it was an amazing experience to be honest. Our flight was really cheap, really short and we had a great landing. 

We've seen and done some typical touristic things (like Nyhavn, Rundetaarn, went for a bike ride, ...) but what stayed with me the most is Freetown Christiana. I can't describe the feeling it gave me but you should certainly visit it when you're in Copenhagen. And for now, enjoy the pictures!

Do you have any trips planned? 

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  1. Als kind ging ik zo'n 3 keer naar Denemarken en het is een fantastisch land vind ik persoonlijk. Toen we deze zomer een Deens schip bezochten tijdens de Antwerp Tall Ships Race besefte ik eigenlijk dat ik volgend jaar graag nog eens op reis wil naar Denemarken, jouw foto's hebben me alleen maar meer zin gegeven! Knappe foto's juffrouwtje!